February 24, 2022

Hope is a powerful thing! It is often hard to find in the remote villages of Africa. It is not a common emotion for those who have been told for generations that their lives don’t matter, and they will never make a difference. Too much is stacked against them, and the burden of life becomes too heavy to carry. However, if you mix just the smallest bit of affirmation, add the tiniest amount of God’s hopeful promises, then conclude with community and a strategic Bible Training course amongst peers, the result is a recipe for revival! You will have leaders who finally realize that they were BORN FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY!

At the beginning of February, Wifi Jesus was able to do just that! Pastor Noah and our team in Uganda spent the past six weeks shepherding 300 pastors through a one-of-a-kind Bible training course. In this course, they learned of the hope that is found in the Lord and practical ways to communicate that message to their brothers and sisters throughout Africa. Now came the time to affirm their hard work and studies.

On an early Friday morning, via video conferencing, Pastor Craig spoke encouragement and God’s promises into the lives of these newly trained pastors. This was a message that qualified those whom God had chosen. They were reminded that He chooses the humble, the meek, the disrespected, the fallen. He chooses the ordinary and unlikely to be extraordinary. Jesus was known to pick the one everybody else would reject. His choice is this simply because He sees what we can do beyond what we have previously been. He is the God of potential, the God of hope, and the God of love.

Pastor Noah translated this message from Uganda with an overwhelming amount of spirit and passion, causing the atmosphere to become electrified. As Pastor Craig presented the challenge to win 100 million souls, the decision was unanimous. Every pastor and wife stood to their feet and joyfully joined the mandate.

“As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.” John 9:4 NIV

Three hundred pastors are now affirmed and on fire for revival in Africa. They are refusing to fail the test now, and with this eternal perspective, nothing can stop them. With 4.4 billion people still waiting to hear of the hope found in Christ, and sixty-six thousand souls dying each day without ever knowing, there is no time to waste.

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