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December 7, 2021

Welcome to the Wifi Jesus Blog!

We are so excited to take you behind the scenes on our amazing adventure and mandate of 100 million souls for Christ. We cannot wait to show you how we are completing the end-time task with modern technology.

On this journey, we aim to highlight the real-life stories of those we are reaching, how it’s done, and bring you updates on their new life in Christ. We also hope to provide more information on the needs of these cultures and just how impactful a simple network or partnership can be to each nation. But, mostly, we want you to feel like they are a part of your immediate family and vice versa.


We have the privilege to meet with our international pastors each week and come away flooded with testimonies, needs, praises, and prayer requests from our brothers and sisters in Africa and South Asia. We often compare it to drinking water from a firehose. We are left inspired, excited, and with great anticipation for what the Lord is doing around the globe. Additionally, much like it would be to drink from that firehose, we are a little exhausted with information after hanging up! (In a good way!)

Ultimate Goal

While blogging about what God is doing through Wifi Jesus, we desire to leave you, the reader, with all the same “feels” that we get after our meetings and conversations with our incredible international team. No matter your culture, generation, or religious background, we want to communicate in a similar way to how it feels when your best friend calls and shares the most important details of their day! We aim to leave you smiling at the shock and awe of Jesus.

Follow us as we show you just what the journey to 100 million souls looks like!

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