January 27, 2022

We were back at it again! After the success of our first Tanzanian Crusade last month, we were so eager to see what more the Lord had in store. We had just seen people walk over 50 miles to hear from Jesus, and we were able to watch over 9,000 souls receive Christ! The ball was rolling, and we had the advantage of building on the excitement from the healings and salvations that transpired in December. Word of the second crusade for Tanzania spread quickly, and it was clear that this region still had an incredible desire for the gospel. The Mwanza region still had two additional villages that we had not reached, so off we went to the next village, Sengerema.

We hoped this trip back would provide more support and strength to this developing native network and empower the thirteen churches our pastors planted last month in Mwanza. If we know one thing, we know that there is power in numbers!

January 8th & 9th

And so, it happened! At the beginning of January 2022, we sent our Uganda Wifi Jesus team back to Tanzania with the mandate to reach as many people for Christ as fast as possible and make disciples. We are thrilled to report that we saw 39,517 attend this two-day event, with 24,282 people giving their lives to Jesus. In addition, over 4,000 pastors were in attendance and received the opportunity to be encouraged by Pastor Craig's Born For The Extraordinary message. Of all the healings and restorations of faith, one thing stood out the most in Sengerema…the CHILDREN!

You see, 80% of this region's population are devil-worshipers. Young children are dedicated to gods through ritual sacrifices with the promise of protection from witchdoctors and those that bring failure into their lives. There is a terrible stronghold and demonic deception in this jungle near Lake Victoria. The lies of Satan are too much, and many people remain hopeless. There is no limit to what they will attempt, just to try and bring some hope into their lives.

So, can you imagine the excitement with which we report that hundreds of children were prayed for, miraculously healed, and released from the bondage that their parents had so desperately entrapped them in? Quite simply, the devils had to flee in Jesus' name! The Lord is busy raising up a generation in Sengerema who are equipped to stand on the promises and hope of Jesus Christ. Now, they can fight valiantly against the enemy in their home region. These seeds have been planted, and we stand in solidarity with this up-and-coming generation as Jesus takes back Lake Victoria.

The paralyzed baby that demons had been tormenting for three long years can now miraculously raise her arms. The woman who brought the devil into the crusade to wreak havoc fell to the floor and was changed through a personal encounter in the arms of Jesus. The discouraged pastors now have the support to keep their churches open. THESE are the 100 million little miracles, one by one, that are setting the captives free!

More Church Plants

We left Sengerema on January 9, 2022, with 42 churches planted. These pastors will receive local support in the form of comradery with one another. We will continue to follow up with their needs, equip them with resources, and connect them to brothers and sisters in Christ. The fellowship created on God's promises will strengthen these pastors to teach the HOPE that is found in Jesus.

Next month, we are heading back to this region one more time to visit the village of Geita. Once again, we will bring the Word of the Lord to more of those who are desperately searching for HOPE. It's time for them to hear how they were, indeed, born for the extraordinary!

Let REVIVAL fill this land!

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